David C. Walls

141 N. Norwinden Drive

Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064

(610) 328-4424

email: david@dcwalls.com

Career Objective:

                          To maximize the positive impact of Information Technology through the promulgation and performance of efficient database management, programming, network design, and project management practices.


Website Development for Masons of Pennsylvania, 2000 – Present
This project replaced and enhanced existing PC-based applications with a centralized web-based application in support of a main office in Philadelphia and 480 satellite locations throughout the state.  The application provides tracking of information about membership, collection and auditing of financial data for IRS reporting, and communications mechanisms.

                          Roles performed:

                          DBA – Performance tuning on existing SQL and ASP code and server configuration; writing stored procedures; data rationalization; assisting programmers and other DBAs with efficient database access.

                          Analyst – Driving an effort to rebuild the ASP web application in ASP.Net for resale to other membership organizations.  Leading a team in the redesign of the database to provide for efficiency, flexibility, and data integrity.  Assessing client needs and analyzing existing 3-tier Visual Basic code to design web-based applications. 

                          Programmer – Writing C# ASP.Net code, VBScript ASP code, and Jscript client-side code.  Modifying middle-tier COM objects to work with the new web-based system.  Providing user support and error debugging in these environments.  Assisting with Microsoft Site Server programming and administrative support.

                          Backup Network Administrator – Assisting and filling-in for the Network Administrator with troubleshooting and configuration.  This included working on server relocations, DNS restructuring for relocation and addition of Active Directory, and performing software installation on web and database servers.

Technical Training, 1995 – Present

                          Delivering training in classroom settings and at client sites primarily in the following technologies:  Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, and Web Services; Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Visual Basic; TCP/IP; Microsoft Active Directory; Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003; Networking Technology and Design; Microsoft Exchange; Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS).

Writing The MSDE Bible, 2000

                          MSDE is a freely redistributable version of Microsoft SQL Server that lacks graphical tools.  The MSDE Bible is a tutorial and reference book that provides extensive examples and explanations of how to work with MSDE or SQL Server using the DMO object model, VBScript, and SQL.

                          Role performed:

                          Lead Author  – Writing the book proposal, detailed table of contents, and outlines of all chapters; writing 12 chapters; working with and reviewing the work of other authors and the editorial team.

Rollout of new PCs and Windows 95 for Genesis Health Ventures, 1995

                          Genesis Health Ventures is an Eldercare provider headquartered in Kennett Square, PA.  In 1995, they hired MicroAge of Exton to upgrade the PCs and servers at their headquarters and several other facilities.

                          Role performed:

                          Project Manager and Planner – Planning, managing, and troubleshooting the software, hardware, and network configuration, as well as coordinating logistics with the client and training department.  Installing and configuring servers with Windows NT and prototype desktop PCs with Windows 95 including the use of System Policies.

Network Administration for the PMA Group, 1994 – 1995

                          The PMA Group is an insurance company that relocated its headquarters from Center City Philadelphia to Blue Bell in 1994. MicroAge of Exton had a team of nine consultants and technicians onsite for six months following the move.

                          Role performed:

                          Network Administrator and Planner – Providing third level support (after helpdesk and onsite technicians) for OS/2 and Windows based PC, IBM AS/400, and Token Ring network problems; redesigning the Novell network to accommodate the needs of the new facility; evaluating network license utilization and executing changes to minimize cost; planning and executing the move of the computers and networks (LAN and WAN) when the Charlotte, NC office relocated; planning and managing the upgrade of the networks at several satellite offices.

Network Rollout for Dopaco, 1994

                          Dopaco manufactures various paper products and packaging primarily for the food industry.  Their headquarters is located in Downingtown, PA, and they have five other facilities located throughout the United States and Canada.  In 1994, they hired MicroAge of Exton to replace their Wang mainframe computer with a PC network.

                          Role Performed:

                          Project Manager and Planner – Planning the configuration of desktop PCs, servers, LANs and the WAN.  Coordinating logistics with the training department and client staff.  Managing and troubleshooting the installation of PCs, servers, and network components.  Upgrading wide-area routers to accommodate the new configuration.  Working with client to order appropriate WAN service.  Performing server installation and configuration.

Network Installation / Construction of Camden Aerospace Center, 1991 – 1992

                          The Camden Aerospace Center was an $80 million project to construct a state-of-the-art production facility for high-tech (primarily military) communications equipment.  FasPak, Inc. won the bid to provide the installation of the communications network.

                          Role Performed:

                          Project Manager and Designer – Designing the communications network to be installed and working with the architects to incorporate that design into the overall building design.  Managing the installation of that network and working as liaison with the general contractor.

Network Installation / Construction of New Building for Campbell Soup Company, 1991

                          The constructed a new plant building at their Camden, NJ headquarters.  FasPak, Inc. won the bid to provide the installation of the communications network.

                          Role Performed:

                          Project Manager and Designer – Designing the communications network to be installed and working with the architects to incorporate that design into the overall building design.  Managing the installation of that network and working as liaison with the general contractor.


Computer Support for Widener University, 1983 – 1990

                          During the period of 1983 to 1990, the Widener University Computer Center supported a Burroughs mainframe and Prime and CDC Cyber minicomputers.  Microcomputer labs were installed across the three campuses using Novell networks.  The computer center was relocated into a newly constructed building, and a new campus was constructed in Harrisburg.

                          Role Performed:

                          Systems Programmer – Providing operating system level support and programming using Algol on the Burroughs, PL/P (a PL/1 derivative) on the Prime, and Cybil (a Pascal derivative) on the CDC Cyber.  Providing applications level programming support on the Prime using InfoBASIC (a version of BASIC designed to work with the PICK database system).


                          Network Administrator – Designing, installing, and supporting the Novell-based microcomputer labs and their networks.  Supporting the University WAN.  Assisting in the design and implementation of the new University Computer Center and the new Harrisburg campus.


Professional Designations:     Novell CNE for
                              NetWare 3
                              NetWare 4
                              NetWare 5
                  Registration #6473517

                                                Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet
                              (NT 3.51, NT 4.0, Win 2000)
                  Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
                              (VS 6.0, VS.Net)
                  Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
                  Microsoft Certified Trainer
                  Registration #279291

Education:                Chester High School, Chester, PA. Graduated 1985

                                 Widener University, Chester, PA.  Completed 38 credits.

                              Delaware County Community College, Media, PA. 
Associate Degree with High Honors, Architectural Technology, May 1998
Associate Degree with High Honors, Facilities Management, May 1998

                              Villanova University, Villanova, PA.
Currently enrolled in Computer Science.